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Playground for companies

In response to the demands our customers, in 2013 we began to create "a playground for companies". Under this name hides the many attractions located throughout CES Wityng. Already, our guests there are grounds for ball games, two tracks petanque (Pétanque), and the lake, the prolonged winter grows green for golf.

In the near future we will also put a professional climbing wall, a larger pitch and buy quads.


Popular especially in the south of France (Provence), but also cultivated in other parts of France and other European countries (Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden) and in the world.

Competition takes place devoid of grass square (called pétanque), such as gravel paved, of sufficient size. The game involves throwing circle from the proposed metal balls (bulami, fr. Boule - ball) with a diameter of 70.5 mm to 80 mm in the direction of a small wooden or plastic balls with a diameter of 30 mm called in French cochonnet, namely: piglet (in Poland more : guinea pig).


Putting green - popularly known as the "Green" - an area very short trimmed grass, on which the hole with the flag. Green is used to putt (driving the ball into the hole) right stick a putter. The golf hole is a goal to which the player aims the ball from the tee. On-site training is green, driving range into the hole, with different distances.