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The stay at our resort is an opportunity for active relaxation and enjoying unforgettable experiences. We cooperate with the organizers of outdoor activities, and therefore we offer a wide spectrum of activities of varying difficulty for organized groups interested in integration events.  
Car enthusiasts may have a go at off-roading and quad riding - we leave driving armored vehicles for the bravest. Those who prefer the bird-eye view can take a balloon, chopper, or  a paraglider flight.  The enthusiasts of water sports may enjoy driving powerful motorboats, waterskiing, jet-skiing, and dragon boat racing. Our guests can check their marksmanship in shooting and archery, master themselves in axe throwing, or even waling over a rope bridge. Real daredevils may choose the aerotrim, a device used for workout and balance training in pilots, astronauts, and parachuters.
In the evening, after a day full of exciting firsts, we invite you to some themed events such as “The return to the People’s Republic of Poland”, “Hawaiian Evening”, or “Prohibition in the United States”. It is also possible to choose a meeting with famous Polish singers or cabaret artists.  
Select one of our partners from the menu on the left and get familiarizedwith the detailed offer.